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1.5mm Cork Travel Yoga Mat - Mandala White

95.00 AUD


Unlike the competition, our Cork Mat is made with a 100% natural rubber base layer topped with a renewable, sustainable cork top layer.

While natural cork provides superior wet and dry grip, it is ideal in heated and hot yoga classes because as temperatures rise, cork begins to loosen and becomes softer & easier to grip. It's also moisture-activated - becoming grippier as it gets wet.  Truly nature's best solution for towel-free traction.  Cork is also closed-cell and naturally anti-microbial, sealing out moisture & resisting odor and bacteria from sweat.

Our natural rubber base layer offers a unique springy ride that cushions and protects joints, while also remaining stable and supportive in any pose.

The stunning, symmetrical pattern helps guide alignment and is printed using a non-fade water-based ink.


For optimal grip, lightly spritz your mat with water before practice.


Supports any practice from a high-intensity workout to a gentle flow.  Suitable for shoes.


  • Sustainable, renewable cork top layer made from the outer layer of bark from the cork oak tree. (Cork trees are the only tree in the world that regenerate stripped bark.)
  • Base layer is made with natural, non-Amazonian harvested tree rubber.
  • All of our beautiful designs are printed with water-based inks.
  • Phthalate, silicone, and toxin-fee.


To clean, wipe with a soft towel dampened with soap and water; lay flat or hang to air dry.

Roll with the colored/designed side on the outside. 


178 cm long x 61 cm wide

1.5mm = 1.6 kg

Includes carrying strap